Benefits and services

Benefits and services

TIRO and the Union of Engineering students along with the Union of Engineers offer several benefits and services. Including Event discounts, employment counseling and insurance to name a few.

By joining TIRO you join the Union and get all the benefits listed below and more. More about events and membership you can find in their own tabs above. If everyone in your class gets a membership, you’ll get to enjoy a sauna night free of charge:

The whole class joins = free sauna night!

When all the people from your class join the Union of Engineering Students (IOL) you will all get a free sauna night,  expenses paid by the Union.

All who have joined the union, must have paid their joining fee. The bill for the fee will arrive to your home between 2-4 weeks after joining. If the students of the class don’t feel like going to the sauna, the benefit can be changed to  for ex. bowling or some other activity.

After everyone has joined, one of the people from the class must provide a class register that can be gotten from the student Affairs Office (Kuntokatu 3, B1). The register must be delivered to TIRO ry as a paper form to TIRO’s office or by email to At the bottom of the list, please mark the name and email of the classes’ contact person regarding the sauna night.

The class can organize their sauna night by themselves, meaning that they can choose the sauna, drinks and possible foods. Each class will be defined their own budget that depends on the amount of students. So for ex. a class that has chosen a cheep sauna will have more money left for drinks and vice versa.

We will pay the sauna’s rent directly and will join you to the store to get the food and drinks during the event day so that no-one would have to tie their own money for the event.

This is a good reason to tell your classmates about the benefits of the union and TIRO if he hasn’t known about them enough to join.

Reasons why you should join today:

TIRO ry’s local benefits

  • Overalls
  • Discount from cultural events
  • Discount from events

IL’s benefits and services

  • Employment counseling
  • Salary advice and job-hunting guidance
  • Research and statistics
  • Work guides
  • Unemployment fund
  • Magazines
  • Legal expenses and liability insurance
  • Free time accident and travel insurances
  • Fuel discount
  • Privacy legal aid
  • Profession emblems
  • Course discounts