Problems with education?

When a problem arises during your studies, it’s important not to remain silent but to confidently reach out to different parties. No problem is too small to discuss with someone. Change cannot occur if issues are not addressed or spoken about. Solving some problems may take time, so it’s important not to give up on them. Each step taken towards solving a problem contributes to a better learning environment for all of us.

First, it’s advisable to analyze the causes of the problem and form a clear understanding of it. Have your acquaintances faced a similar issue? In your opinion, what factors have contributed to the emergence of the problem? Answering such questions will expedite the resolution of the problem.

Whenever you encounter difficulties, it’s always a good idea to reach out to us, the board members of TIRO, subject clubs, tutors, and teachers. We, at TIRO, can elevate the matter within the school by communicating with the heads of field units or the school board. Alternatively, if needed, we can escalate the matter to the national Association of Engineering Students, which advocates for the interests of all engineering students nationwide.