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The Union of Engineering Students offers you high-quality advocacy for engineering students at an affordable price of €30, which covers the entire study period. In addition to this, you get many member benefits and discounts, which you can read about under the benefits and services section.

By organizing yourself in a union in your field, you will also influence the bargaining power of engineering students, e.g. Akava and the Engineers’ Union. The number of members of the unions directly affects the negotiating position when negotiating the issues of students or graduated engineers. However, your employer is organized, so shouldn’t you also check your background?

The Engineering Student Union affects the level of engineering education nationwide, improves engineering students’ working life knowledge, and affects engineering students’ employment relationships, salary and status.

Membership is also profitable mathematically, as the membership fee is returned many times over during the study period as various member benefits.


You can easily become a member online by clicking the button above. You can also find more information about member benefits and current affairs on the website of the Finnish Engineers Association.



Member Benefits

As a member of TIRO ry, you will receive not only local benefits but also national benefits offered by the Engineers’ Union!

Among the local benefits, you’ll get student overalls at half the price and discounted tickets to all events organized by TIRO!

The Engineers’ Union offers the same benefits to all student members as it does to other members. This includes, among other things, Turva insurance package, banking benefits with Danske Bank, a free membership to Cityshoppari, and even the opportunity to book cottages all around Finland at a discounted price! The Member+ package, included in the membership, compiles all the benefits into one package. For more details about the benefits offered by the Engineers’ Union, you can read the information in the link below. Or checkout the benefits in ILRY mobile app


Customer service tel. 0201 801 801 (8,4 cent/min)

Customer service helps with all questions regarding membership during weekdays 9 a.m.-4 p.m