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the board

TIRO’s organisation is run by the Board, which is elected annually from TIRO’s members at the fall assembly. As a board member, you’ll be part of the amazing activities and gain skills that will be useful throughout your life. Throughout the year, there is something to do every week, sometimes less and sometimes more. The main focus is on supporting student interests and studies, as well as enhancing the content of student life and networking between different stakeholders. 

Joining the board is entirely voluntary. It still brings responsibilities, but also benefits and new friends. Being a board member gives you a lot! 

Each new member is assigned a task for a year, but in addition to your own responsibilities, there are also responsibilities to help others and general responsibilities. These include events, stands and activities. Every board member will at some point have to be present at these events and the representative role is always at events of your own association. 

But are you our new board member? Many people often wonder whether it’s worth it to serve on a board and take responsibility for things. You learn everything on the way, you don’t have to know anything before, and you can always get help from other board members as well as from older experts. If you have even a little interest in working at the board, it’s worth coming to the fall assembly!