Part of the board

Participating in board activities is completely voluntary. However, it comes with responsibilities as well as benefits and new experiences. During the annual autumn meeting, the upcoming year’s board is selected from among the members who put themselves forward.

Each new member is assigned a specific task to manage for the year, but in addition to their individual responsibilities, there is also an expectation to assist others and share common duties. These can include various events, stands, and activities. Every board member will, at some point, have a presence in these situations and representation tasks are always carried out at the association’s events.

Throughout the year, there’s something to do every week, sometimes less and sometimes more. Nevertheless, board involvement gives more than it takes. The most important aspects of this activity are networking across different entities, supporting student interests and studies, and enriching student life.

So, could you be the new board member? Many often wonder if they have what it takes to be part of a board and take on responsibilities. Everything is learned along the way, prior knowledge is not necessary, and help is always available from both fellow board members and more experienced individuals. If board activities interest you even just a little, it’s worth attending the autumn meeting at least to learn more!