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What’s TIRO?

Engineering Students of Tampere TIRO ry is a local branch of The Finnish Union of Engineering Students (IOL ry). TIRO is the most important companion for engineering students in Tampere University of Applied Sciences through their study time and in the beginning of their career. TIRO was founded in 1982 and has experienced a lot during its colorful history. TIRO aims to support its members’ study time via different events and benefits as widely as possible.


TIRO is a trustee for engineering students’ interests. Its board’s functions are based on TIRO’s members welfare. The board acts as a link between the members and IOL. Our network of contact persons is a great asset for TIRO as they forward important messages to their fellow students. Anyone can be an active member, and it pays off. In the events of TIRO you can see, experience and feel new things and meet new people. Active members are also well tuned into the current news about the union.


Every member of TIRO is also automatically a member of IOL. IOL is engineering students’ and other technical University of Applied Sciences students’ national and professional guardian of interests. IOL is part of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland IL ry, which gathers engineers, engineering students and other technology professionals together. IL has approximately 70 000 members and its top organization is AKAVA (the confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland), which is one of the three trade union confederations in Finland. So every member of TIRO is also a member of AKAVA via IOL and IL, which in practice means that all the benefits of these organizations are also available for members of TIRO.

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When a student joins Engineering Students of Tampere they are automatically members of The Finnish Union of Engineering Students IOL ry which is a sub-organization of the Uniion of Professional Engineers in Finland IL ry

The register caption of IL ry can be found from here
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