TIRO ry actively arranges, and is involved in arranging different kinds of events around the year. We are constantly evolving our operations and trying to take into account our members wider in our events.

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The traditional beer-croquet is organized every year on Sunday before school starts. In the event you can meet new and old students and spend some of the last free moments of the summer by playing croquet and participating in other activities.

One of the highlights of the fall for the starting or starting-minded students is the ASTin –cruise arranged by LäSIO. TIRO ry is actively advertising the event and arranges a bus transportation from Tampere to Turku. Past years there have been bus loads of Tampere student culture taken to Silja Line.

The coexistence of Tampere and Turku requires a yearly showdown. The students of both cities settle this showdown by participating in an intensive check-point tour held at the end of the calender year either in Tampere or Turku.

As the year is coming to an end and Santa’s little helpers are peaking from the windows searching for naughty students, TIRO ry is organizing a Little Christmas party to celebrate the end of the fall semester on a November weekend. This is the year’s hardest Little Christmas party and recovery might take the rest of the year!


You can never have too much of friends and love and that is why TIRO ry, TTO ry and PIRATE ry are giving out doughnuts while meantime the mascots Jalluna, Badger and Rekku are giving out free hugs! 14.2 is also a very meaningful day for TIRO ry as it´s Jalluna´s birthday.

TIRO ry is organizing a legendary ice-fishing competition in February or March. All the best ice-fishers are gathered to the same ice on the same day to figure out who is the best fisher in town!

TIRO ry is organizing the years most mandatory laboratories, T-Itse Labrat when the end of the school year is taking over each students minds. Bars around Tampere will be filled with students wanting to prove their excellence as individuals and as teams!

The Vappu of an engineer is known to be long and hard, so what would be a better way to start it than a relaxing picnic at the park! About a week before vappu, TIRO ry, TTO ry and PIRATE opy will organize a nice outside event in the park with many fun activities!

When the studies are coming to the end TIRO ry invites all the graduating members for one final sauna evening. Information is given of the union and services they provide when moving into the working life.

Through the whole year

In the middle of each month TIRO ry, TTO ry and Pirate opy arrange a theme party called PISTOT. The theme for the most awesome party of the month changes every month and the parties are always held in Union Work and Leisure club. The nightclub has student friendly prices and the entrance fee is cheap as well.

TIRO ry organizes many cultural events throughout the year. Several inexpensive events organized for the members have been for example movie nights, stand-up and a ski-trip. We participate actively to other organizations events.